Marketing is one of those rich subjects which touches on multiple disciplines. In fact, some academics would say that it lacks discipline, due to its profligate nature. Marketing wants to hang out with the social sciences, the humanities, and, even, likes to think of itself dabbling with a hard science or two at times. Marketing or the science of selling stuff, in my own opinion, probably, began in the service of religion. These folks needed to sell the concept of an all-powerful invisible entity to a largely gullible population. The divine science of marketing debuted amid claims of miracles and death defying acts of the almighty.

Marketing’s Religious Roots

You can see the signs of this in the billboards outside churches and chapels. Each of these sign boards bears a message from the saviour or his earthly representative. “Jesus Loves You”. “God Answers Knee-Mail”. “Google Can’t Satisfy Every Search”. “To Be Almost Saved Is To Be Totally Lost”. “Tired Of Darkness Follow The Son”. Pithy messages and captions selling a belief in a supernatural solution to life’s problems. Preachers are spruikers for god’s earthy circus show. Religion has always contained a strong element of entertainment and theatre to keep the faithful interested. The art of marketing moved from selling faith to selling widgets and everything else.

Human Beings Respond to Other Human Beings

Getting the balance right in all aspects of life, health, and commerce, remains an integral part of effective marketing in all its forms. Knowing what your brand is, is the first step on the road to a successful marketing campaign. You cannot sell anything if you are unclear about who you are and what you are selling. Very few people buy, merely, the product or service, they are buying the salesperson or their energy. Human beings respond to other human beings. They evaluate and judge other human beings.

We Care About What Others Think

Caring about the human factor is at the heart of every sale and negotiation. Ethical and moral considerations are never far from the determining factor in most sales. People care about what other people think. We all want the approval of the mob and our purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by this element. The essential components within our marketing decisions cannot be ignored if you are to understand the key to effective marketing. The human factor is never far from the crux of every consumer decision.